Listing your business on business directories is a smart move for any company looking to grow. In this article we will look at a number of great reasons to consider listing your business on every great directory you find. offers many of the advantages below, as well as rotating our listings on the home page to give each member a chance to show up on our home page.

Many businesses and savvy business owners know that getting really good exposure is great for business, especially when it involves a low cost. Our directory offers low cost options that fit into every business’ budget. Free or inexpensive advertising can be a facet of a smart guerilla marketing campaign.
There are a plethora of industry-specific directories as well, such as metal fabricator directories for metal fabricators or IT directories for companies that provide IT-specific services.

Many of these directories themselves have excellent visibility across the web, and their free or low cost listings offer business’ an easy way to take advantage of the SEO and search rankings of a particular directory. Listing your company on a good directory can also help you as a part of a smart, comprehensive SEO or Search Engine Optimization campaign.

An industry-specific directory, or a local-based directory can also help increase the brand of a company. Conversely, you don’t want to see your company listed on a second-rate directory that could make you look less attractive.

Increasing your local search visibility is also crucial to many types of businesses, and being listed or featured on a local directory like gets you in front of local audiences or those looking for businesses specifically in this area.

Business-to-Business or B2B networking is also a great reason for listing on directories. Businesses are often looking for quality companies in a particular niche – and showing up in as many places as possible increases your overall visibility.

With the advantages and value of being listed on a business directory, it’s an intelligent decision to get your site out there. Ask us about our advertising packages to help increase your visibility to a local audience. Thank you for taking the time to read our article!