Why Tampa Bay? Or, more like why not Tampa Bay? 

There’s no doubt about it – Tampa Bay is the best place to move or relocate because of its favorable business climate and the high-quality life that people crave for! 

It has earned national recognition for its pro-business and stable environment.  By Home Buyers, it’s been named among the top 100 cities where millennials are moving or relocating.  The tech field of this sunshine city has also evolved as the fastest growing industries in the Tampa Bay area. 

To put it simply, it’s now accounting for nearly 8% of the entire workforce, according to CompTIA

So, why not choose this iconic place to grow business? 

Let’s have a look at the reasons on why moving or relocating to Tampa Bay would be best for your business. 

Tampa Bay Is A Hotbed For Corporate Site Selection: Here’s why!

Especially, millennials find business spirit there! 

It offers endless growth opportunities. Also, famous brands like Johnson & Johnson, Bristol-Myers Squibb, and Diamond View are established in Tampa Bay. Besides being the home to dozens of leading businesses, the city has a vibrant surrounding area, which offers tons of family oriented things to do.

So, whether you’re running your recruitment agency, real estate business, IT firm, or travel and shipping business, Tampa Bay will help you lead and grow your business stunningly. 

Let’s find out how! 


Favorable Corporate Tax Policy

The favorable corporate tax policy of Tampa Bay, Florida, is a compelling reason that helps you make a wise decision quickly. 

Florida code taxes corporate income, including capital gains, at a uniform 5.5%. To be precise, the first $5,000 of corporate income is exempted. 


Talent Around Every Corner 

The Tampa Bay region has a pool of around 1.97 million young, educated workforce with a median age of 38 that is well prepared to meet the needs of any employer. With more than 80 universities, colleges, and technical schools, Tampa Bay has evolved into the home to education and a place to attract growing talent. 

According to the News Release and Analysis report by Paychex, it has scored 102.94 on the index, which ranked small business growth in metro areas. The national index topped 100 for the first time since 2017, recording its fifth consecutive month of gains.

So, if your company is expanding and you’re thinking of moving or relocating to Tampa, don’t think twice. Make your move quickly! 


Image source: Paychex


No Personal Tax

Like anything else, the employed workforce also doesn’t like the idea of paying high taxes on their earnings to fulfill the federal treasury. Tampa Bay’s “No personal tax policy” comes to the rescue and fulfills their wish, helping them save money without paying state taxes, empowering them to invest more in their businesses.  

For decades, according to the independent research organization tax foundation, Florida has had one of the lowest tax burdens in the country. The state charges a 6% tax rate on the sale or rental of goods.  

With no real estate and intangible taxes such as investments, you can expect all industries’ to outgrow their cocoon of growth and revenue. 


Reliable Utilities and Networking 

With a growing ecosystem of shared workspaces, incubators, and networking events, demands for cutting-edge technologies eventually grow.  Tampa Bay drives tech transitions and makes it smooth for businesses to grow and thrive!

Aside from being a forerunner in cutting-edge technologies, including the first-ever field trial of distributed intelligence-enabled meters and applications, it fosters customer relations.

When you relocate or move there to grow your business, you’ll leverage the powerful benefits of multiple technologies that eventually contribute to take it to the next level. 

Best Business Travel Facilities 

Whether you’re a startup aspiring entrepreneur or CEO of a multimillion-dollar organization, you’ll always be on the hunt for the best business travel amenities to run your business operations seamlessly. 

Tampa Bay has no exception in that too! 

With an average of 215 daily departures, around 80 non-stop flights to domestic and international destinations, and service to all major U.S. hubs, it makes doing business easy. 

So, if somehow your business lacks resources due to travel restrictions, then relocating to Tampa Bay is the right choice to go with. 


Affordable Real Estate 

Florida has a thriving real estate market, with numerous new housing developments under construction. The cost of a starter home in Tampa Bay can be as low as $150,000, allowing companies to hire low-wage workers and make billions of dollars a year. 

Apart from it, housing in Tampa is a fraction of the price in areas like New York and San Francisco. A homeowner in New York can sell their $1 million houses and buy a $600,000 home in Tampa. It simply means you can explore more business  opportunities in the real estate industry as well. 


Unbeatable Quality of Life

When it comes to leading a happy and healthy life in Tampa Bay, it appears on the top of the list of best cities to stay. 

Beyond the laid-back sandy beach lifestyle, 134 different international ancestries, interesting museums, dining options, and activities to enjoy such as floating at Rainbow river to kayanking the natural spring at Weeki Wachee, Tampa Bay offers much more to head outside after busy working hours or even days. 


Final words 

Establishing a business where it can grow is the best initiative of your career. Moving or relocating to Tampa Bay is what makes it happen. Tampa Bay has much more to offer than beachy landscapes and hip neighborhoods. 

Despite you looking for a bustling city life or quiet paradise, Tampa has it all to help you thrive in the global economy. 

Opportunities are everywhere where you look in Tampa Bay, and this is just a start. There’s never been a better time to move or relocate here. 

It’s your move! Make it timely!  


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