Tampa Bay Krav Maga is an amazing place to learn self defense. Located in Largo, FL and accepting students from all over Tampa Bay – they teach Israeli combat defense known as “Krav Maga” which means “Contact Combat” in Hebrew.

This gym feels like a big family, not the Cobra Kai type of place you might expect somewhere else. They offer kids classes to help build self confidence, as well as Women’s Self Defense Classes, Kickboxing classes and Adult Krav Maga and Sparring for Advanced Students. 

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The owner and coach at TBKM school is Joseph Battle. Joe has trained directly under Iyal Yanilov as well as received all of his KMG level tests from Iyal directly. This form of martial arts mixes Jeet Kun Do, Bruce Lee’s method, Judo, Wrestling, Boxing and Jui Jitsu into one fluid form. It also offers weapon defense technique including knife defense, pistol defense, rifle defense, stick or bat defense. Choke defense also helps round out this comprehensive combat defense form.

Kickboxing classes are also offered for those who just want to do High Intensity Interval Training, or HIIT Training. Adult Beginner classes are on Tues nights and Advanced classes right afterward. Class pricing ranges depending on the package you select, from pay-per-class, to monthly memberships and yearly options with big discounts – check out Black Friday offers!

We highly recommend this Self Defense School – if you want to stop in and meet Joe, be sure to tell them that BusinessTampaBay.com sent you! Enjoy!

The website is here:   https://tampabaykravmaga.com

I strongly recommend you try this self defense school next time you are in the area!

Tampa Bay Krav Maga and is located at 12506 Starkey Road – Largo, FL 33773

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